Struggling with her thoughts, she wanted to scream .

Every little things was bothering her it seems.

Aimless and lost she wandered around

there was nothing that needed her attention she found

Bedspread was changed, her cupboard organized

Every surface was clean and shelves stacked ; but why was the hallow feeling still biting her insides

The social distancing had taken her to a place she never wanted to go.

The past memories and flashbacks had again started to flow.

Getting out of the this hole is all she needed , talking to someone physically was what she wanted

But the need of the hour was different , she needed to stay at home till the pandemic scare was over.

Talking to someone was not an option in these times and hence she wrote.

She started penning down the first thing that came to her mind and she could not stop.

Thoughts flew and the keyboard raced with her fluttering heart.

And just like that a calm surrounded her, the fire in her mind translated into words

She rose again from the ashes of anxiety and flew into the world of quarantine with the simpler life and mind.

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