The pace of slowing down

55 days and the entire world seems to have lost it’s pace

people have slowed down but mother Nature has claimed her space.

Sitting inside, watching the news makes me want to scream,

sometimes I wonder if all this is nothing but a bad dream.

Saw pictures of the helpless poor walking back home while others lay in body bags ready to fly to their final homes.

Is it just me or has the whole world turned cynical? Everything now seems so distant.

The life we lead and the normalcy that we wish for, was it even normal?

Maybe , maybe not? who knew 2020 would be so off the tangent.

But one thing is for sure, all of us have somehow learnt how to be slow.

Sitting inside, most of us have figured out ways to grow.

Cooking, cleaning or just some deep relaxation, one has learnt what that means.

The rat race has vanished while the Nature has turned more clean

If only had we known the pace of slowing down, maybe our souls would have been more green.

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