For every girl who has been judged

It’s a difficult transition. No matter what people tell you but it surely is. In this country where women are still trying to figure out equality and feminism., there are bound to be misconceptions about it. They may either turn into Feminist Nazi , criticizing every move you make. Or they may just turn into conservatives, dissing you for your choices. Clothes,jobs, employed , unemployed..everything that surrounds a woman is observed and commented upon. Sometimes the pressure is from your own house.

Where we are taught to be modern and independent, there is a find line between doing it and over stepping the mark. You may have a job but you need to make sure you are a domestic godess as well. If you choose to be at home, they think you are not worth anything or you have no brains. If you choose to voice your opinions, be careful because if the opinion is against their thought process you are automatically wrong.

I have been trying to find my voice since a very long time. I had been independent and then choose to stay at home but people never stopped commenting. It did get it to me initially but now i am slowly learning to live with it. But then there comes a time in life where you are done with all the bullshit and you put your foot down. Enough is enough you say and make up your mind. This is the juncture where things fall apart in your world. Friends, family and everyone on your Insta list start displaying their displeasure over your changed attitude. If you are one of the few lucky ones, you might have someone who holds your back and says : It is alright. But if you dont have that person; its okay. You have put up with a lot of things and now its people who need to put up with you. If they cant, tough luck!

Mentally strong and emotionally stable. These are your two powers because if you loose either one of it, they will bring you down and how. So hold your titties up and walk forward. Maybe the disruption around is what is bringing the calm of the future. Self care, Self motivate, Self appreciate. Do whatever it takes to make this little piece of writing stick in your head. Because in the end you do you girl!

5 thoughts on “For every girl who has been judged

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your post! It made me laugh a few times, which is never a bad thing. Women do have a very fine line to walk sometimes, but then again, doesn’t everyone? No matter what you do there is usually going to be someone out there who disagrees with the very thing that is actually none of their concern: your life. Male or female, we all need to just be real with ourselves and live the kinds of lives we can actually… well, live with, you know? 🙂

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    1. Great read! Like the comment above said we women do walk a fine line, however everyone does in different ways. I especially like what you said at the end because I to think it is important to just be yourself. It is hard sometimes to brush the haters off, but in the end you just have to be yourself because you are the one living your life. If you don’t like it you are the only one powerful enough to change it, you have the choice. 😀

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      1. Thank you for your comment and opinion. Its lovely.

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    2. Thank you for your wise words and comment. It’s true we all do need to just live as honestly and openly as much as we can! Do share my post ahead if you liked it.
      Thank you again.

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