Girl, you gotta Quit the Chaos

Its sometimes so difficult to steamline one’s thoughts. It feels like a train puffing away smoke and running at a speed at which you can’t seem to catch a breath. My head has been like that since some time now. Multiple tabs are open in my mind and I don’t understand which ones I need to close or look at first. These thoughts range from why is it raining to what shall I cook tonight to when will I be able to get this task done? Everything under the sun and more shines through my head with no co-relation whatsoever. This, my friend is nothing but CHAOS and MESS. Both things which truly make one weak physically.

Tonight on a silent chilly Sunday night I decided to put a stop to this chaotic head-space and organize it a bit more. This is what I have learnt from trying to declutter the mind.

1. First and Foremost one needs to self observe and figure it out that their head space is a complete MESS. Until and unless you don’t feel like , you wont get the gist of what I am trying to tell you or why you should be decluttering your mind.

2. Sit/lie down ALONE. Yes you need to be alone with your thoughts for a while. You need to get a grasp of what you are thinking and that can’t be done with movement outside in the physical world. The internal movement can only be controlled once the external is stable.

3. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Let this thought be the Ice breaker for the longer conversation you shall have with yourself. This shall be the turning point of how you go about because this is what most people find it difficult to do. A lot of people ask , where do begin ? The answer is simple begin with this question itself. Write it down and let it churn something inside you.

4. Now that the first thought has been written, make a list of every other tab that is opened in you head and note all those down. It does not matter if its in a chronological order and has any relation with the thought you wrote first. Just keep writing till your head starts to feel light.

5. Enjoy this activity and the feeling you get once your thoughts are written down. RELAX, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and thank yourself for doing this. You have crossed the most difficult phase of the process.

6. Now go back and read what you have written and with every thought make notes on a different sheet, For example you are worried about what shall be cooked for dinner, so start with a simple list of what you have in the kitchen and then decide on the meal. But once you are done with the current issue, do take a look at the next point.

7.In order to avoid having this jumbled thoughts again, one needs to be a bit more proactive and learn from their mistakes. Now you have decided what shall be cooked for dinner, you need to add a task to you TO DO List about meal preps and menu for the week. This shall let you be more prepared in advance and you wont have to waste more time and energy the next time you are confused to what you need to cook. This example is applicable for everything else in life as well. Every time you streamline a thought and find the solution. Go back to it’s root cause and make sure there is a permanent fix to it.

This is just to tell you that this process can get over whelming for some and may look extremely daunting as none of us want to really sit and ponder over what we are thinking. But every small thought/ opened tab/unsolved question that remains in our head ,causes us to slag and not give our 100% to the task in hand.

With time in our hand during this Lockdown, try doing this and let me know how do you feel in the comment section below. Make this the time for self care and healing.

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