It’s been years that she has had that scar

invisible to others, she knew about its presence all along

Itchy and painful at times , the scar was like a never ending song

She covered it, concealed it with her confidence and moved ahead

But, she knew the pain had not yet faded.

A whiff of the past, a sense of the present music all brought her back to that memory

Nothing seemed to dust it out of her skin infact she felt the scar burn her bones within

Days, weeks and years rolled by; life moved on and so did the pain

She no longer felt the intensity of the burn nor the thing that caused it;

yet the scar was not completely healed and past brought it up some how.

They say time heals everything, maybe she kept that faith.

Hoping and praying life moved on.

And just like that one summer night, when the wind blew across her face

The energy around her changed.

Maybe it was the calmness of the sunset she witnessed or the sound of the ocean waves

Could also be the endorphins from her workout or just plain pizza

but she knew right there in her heart, the iota of pain had vanished

Dissolved into the heat of the summer air and lifting her up

Relief wrapped her and just like that she had healed.

2 thoughts on “Healed

  1. Really good piece, have to say grace to your ideas!


    1. thank you so much for your kind words. Do share it along with your friends.


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