Finding her passion…

Sitting all alone she wondered what happened just now?

Her thoughts racing but mind unable to figure it out.

Body stiff and droppy shoulders made her realise how tensed she physically was

Maybe things said and heard pierced her heart but she did not know how to voice it out.

Did she want to stop shaking or lie down, did she want to cry it all out?

She had no clue.

All she knew was the burn of the immense pain she felt from her gut to her head.

She had lost herself these past few months.

Unable to discover what she wants. her passion or her drive.

But the need to get things out of her system was so dire, that it started to suffocate her

And that’s when she started penning it all down. As her fingers softly touched the keyboard

her thoughts raced along, all in a hurry to get out of the bottleneck.

Soft touches to the keyboard became rushed and hurried.

Her tears slowly gaining the momentum of her thoughts and breathes becoming deep

With every ounce of her energy she wrote and in the same way her mind slowly calming .

Words heal and her body was a witness to that. As she typed , her pain decreased.

With the new discovered serenity surrounding her, she realised her passion for writitng.

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