Why Motivation is Over Rated.

In today’s woke world, all you are surrounded by is POSITIVE social media where Influencers , brands and other “media personalities” telling you : Life is great. Look at me how awesome I am. Isnt it? Every time you open your instagram, you see Happy pictures, Hustle pictures , Success stories. And every time you look at those pictures, all you feel like is Why is my life not like them? What do I do to be more like them? This is where the seeds of doubts are sowed. You start questioning yourself , your career, your choices , lifestyle and every single thing that is a part of your own self. Now what happens next is , you start making different choices. Choices which you think are correct and more importantly WOKE. You do it for 3 days and feel better. You think this is the best decision of your life. Am I reminding you of a familiar pattern ? You do it for another 3 days and then you start skipping it for some time. Skip it for a day. Then two and then you start slacking once again. You realize this and blame yourself for being a failure. You try to be motivated , read some inspirational quotes, listen to podcasts and again start changing your pattern. But then this cycle continues and you end up doing this again and again. The lack of consistency in your choices is what puts you in this position and not lack of motivation for which you blame yourself.

Motivation is not a mere thought ; it requires action as well. One can have a thought but not doing anything over that means it is all for waste. Everyday positive thinking also doesn’t go well if you don’t do anything about it. Just thinking about it or visualizing it wont help. One needs some action to be done for it. This action needs to be done repeatedly and only then will it become a habit. Motivation is not the problem, trust me. In fact Motivation is over rated. Your discipline is the key to your lifestyle changes and choices. Sincerity with which you take the action , makes it or breaks it for you. Everyone on your timeline who is screaming at you to Be Motivated and Hustle harder don’t know that your Intent to change is not the problem. It is your discipline to continue. Hence ignore all those who wake up and Post : I am highly motivated today. Ignore those sappy positive quotes on whatsapp. Ignore the fake gym selfies. They don’t matter and they wont bring a change in your lifestyle. It is Consistency that will.

This article may go against a lot of your ideas and may not align with your thought process but do give it a night to let this sink in. Let these words tell you the truth behind the motivating Instagram Influencers. Let it challenge your ways.

Do share what you think about it in the comment section. Till then Stay Disciplined and not motivated.

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